What is Astrology?
Astrology is a Hellenic word. It is a composite word from Astron (Star) and Logos (Analogy). Astrology is the science which deals with the planetary movements and its effects on our lives. This science is based on astronomy. Astrologers need to know the correct positions of the planets at any given time of birth, as well as the correct positions of the zodiacal fixed star signs in relation to any place on earth at any given time. Once the correct positions of the signs and planets are known, astrologers prepare charts representing these positions and it is called a Natal chart or a horoscope.

The science of Astrology originated in India and has been practiced continuously for more than 8, ooo years. Records of astrological knowledge are to be found in the history of all nations and among the relics of all civilization, past and present. In India the records exists today which points clearly to a highly developed knowledge of Astrology as far back as about 6,500 BCE and actual manuscripts are still extent which were written about 3,700 BCE.

The astrology in world considers a horoscope as a map of destiny. It contains the result of our previous karmas of seven lives. It is like a passbook of saving account of our karmas (deeds), both good and bad of previous life. The secrets that it contains can be revealed only by an astrologer. The analysis of the horoscope gives a good indication of the person's psychology, character and life potential. The person's qualities, intellectual abilities, aptitude, skills, relationships with family, friends, and loved ones can be predicted from the individual’s chart. Financial acumen, status, education, travel, health etc can also be discussed from the natal chart. Depending on the situation and needs of the seeker, the astrologers in India read the timeline of the person's life, from birth to the recent past, of the present situation which caused him to consult the astrologer in the first place and the future trends and planetary periods that the seeker can expect to experience, both externally in the world and internally in terms of psychological attitudes. Astrology in world is not just about predicting the course of one’s life. It is meant to be a guide.

Vedic Astrology / Hindu Astrology/Jyotish Shastra
"Jyotisham Suryadi Grahanam Bodhakam Shasthram."
The science which deals with Sun, other planets and time is referred as Jyotish Shastra. Veda means the original knowledge and truth. Vedic means something that is based upon the concepts of Vedas.

Vedic Astrology is the ancient Indian system of Astrology and was documented by sages in the Vedic scriptures. The term derives from Sanskrit language, Jyoti means light and Ish is for Ishwara, the God. So Jyoti + Ishwara becomes Jyotish, meaning ' the science of light or 'the wisdom of the heavens'.

Vedas are the system of knowledge in Indian culture. Although associated primarily with Hindu religion, they have a very broad outlook. They do not contain rules and regulations just for Hindus only, but for all men and women with principles. Vedas are essentially a study of self. Astrology in India is an integral part of Vedas, which is the reason it is called Vedanga Jyotish.The Vedic system of Astrology is to offer humanity a means to understand the role and expression of karma in individual’s collective life. Indeed, Hindus believe that humans have fortune and misfortune in life because of their karma of previous life and present life. Many in India use Astrology to understand setbacks in life due to the influence of planets and perform religious ceremonies as Yagynas and other astrological remedies to rectify the negativity in the individuals chart.

In India, Vedic Jyotish is commonly used to take any important decisions in life. In Hindu culture, new born are traditionally named based on their birth Nakshatra. Vedic Astrology is perceived to be vital in Indian culture, in making decisions about marriage, opening a new business and moving into a new home and for many more vital decisions. The divine science of Vedic interpretation and prediction perfected over the last 4,000 years can provide guidance not only on physical matters such as health, wealth, and relations, but also on spiritual matters such as Moksha (Liberation). It can help promote your virtues and mitigate your drawbacks.

That is why without the knowledge of Vedas and Jyotish, all other knowledge is totally useless. For this reason in Hinduism the knowledge of Jyotish has been given great importance, and has been considered to be the Eye of Vedas.

Vedic Astrology or Jyotish is not a mere science but can rather be called, Universal Science or a science beyond the science, since it means the principles or mechanism on which the total creation exists. It is a super way to know and understand our karma and live a sound, peaceful, enlightened life. Unlike western Astrology Vedic Astrology gives importance to Moon as movements of Moon is much faster than the Sun. That is why Vedic Astrological Calculations are more prcised and accurate.

As per Parashara there are 19 scholars who initially contributed for the progress of Vedic Astrology and there names are as below: 1. Surya 2. Pitamah 3. Vyas 4. Vasish 5. Atri 6. Parashar 7. Kashyap 8. Narad 9. Garg 10. Marichi, 11. Manu 12. Angira 13. Lomash 14. Pulish 15. Chyan, 16. Yavan 17. Bhrigu 18. Shonauk 19. Pulstya.

Why we need Vedic Astrological consultation?
The importance of Vedic Astrology in the social life of man is numerous all over the world. Success in life depends to a large material prosperity or adversity. Combination of planets(yogas) in Astrology tend to show the degree of wealth, fame, rank, position, adversity, ill health and misfortunes a man is likely to experience in his present life as a result of his karmas (actions) in previous states of existence. Hence, Astrology in world is considered a very useful tool for mankind. We need more help of such sciences to guide us when materialistic approach towards life is making us more depressed and we are heading towards uncertainty.

Since ancient times, good astrologers of India have been recognized as among the best of advisors. Kautilya Chanakya (Vishnugupta) has said that every king should have ministers to guide him. Though you may not be a king, you can still avail the opportunity for a good astrological consultation in planning life. Choosing a right Astrologer is important. Then you can experience the wonders of this miraculous science. "There is no better boat than a horoscope to help a man cross over the troubled sea of life” it is said by Varaha Mihira.

Some guidelines for better result of astrological consultation
* Feedback is very important for proper result. Some unknown mistake on your part may not give proper result or may be astrologer needs some corrections. The feedback session takes care of such errors.

* Your interaction with the astrologer should be conducive to the reading. Explain your problems in detail without skipping your real cause and listen to him carefully. The point is that both should stay on track.

* Be honest during astrological consultation. No one tell lies to his physician otherwise the proper diagnosis and correct treatment for disease will be difficult. One should know that an astrologer has more access to your personal life than a doctor. Vedic astrology gives insight to understand the manipulated talks but some time misleading your astrologer could have serious consequences. So don't try to trick or test him.

* Belief and trust is the basic ingredient to get the desired result from any consultant.Vedic astrology or any predictive sciences also needs faith to heal. We should never forget that an ordinary rock chiseled and shaped in idols, if placed in a temple then with our faith it renders miraculous results.

* Never treat the astrologer like an almighty and expect him to reply like Brahma (God). Believe in your karmas and take the help of Vedic astrology as a road map. Even a good driving skill cannot help you reach unknown destination in time without proper road map.

Vedic Remedies in Vedic astrology
Vedic Astrology not only gives insight to know all about the individual but it also helps to find solution for every problem. In the astrological consultation remedies are more important than predictions. Predictions are only to gain the confidence of the client or to educate the client with coming events but every individual needs to have proper solution of their complications.

All remedies are based on purification of mind and correction of ones faults by self realization and sacrifice.

Remedial Measure is the unique feature of Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) that allows one to solve his or her problems by modifying the karma through Vedic ways. It lessens the negative energies of one's karma to bring peace, harmony and prosperity in life. Jyotish Remedial Measure means a conscious effort which may include chanting (Japa) of Vedic prayers (Mantras), wearing of gemstones (Ratnas), fasting (Upavash) on certain days, wearing amulets (Yantras or Kavachas), donating to the poor (Daana), offering selfless services (Sheva) to others, contributing to Vedic fire-rituals (Yajnas) etc. Remedy is a very powerful tool and by following it there might be great or even drastic change in the person's life.

No remedies are sufficient to rectify the dosha of our life’s karmas but the above remedies will be helpful to reduce the intensity. One cannot stop the rain but certainly use the umbrella. It may not save your feet from getting wet but that hardly matters. But never forget that your effort to use the umbrella is must. Good heart and good deeds has great value.