Golden Rules for Construction
1. One should prefer to construct the house, in areas that posses negative ionization activity (Gardens, water spots are positive)

2. The area or the plot's energy field must invite owners' aura energy. This can be done through the study of compatibility.

3. One must make sure that the area is FREE from Geopathic and cosmic radiation since they are very detrimental for human health.

4. Also confirm that there are no negative energy spots (Conscious bones, buried treasures etc).

5. Prefer a design or the structure of the house that would harmonize with the nature.

6. Use the hygroscope building materials to maintain correct humidity.

7. Use natural material, and check whether negative radiations are not emitted by them with universal scanner.

8. As far as possible use maximum Solar energy strikes the building in the in morning hour which posses high positive energy.

9. Use walls, floor-ceiling materials that allow air diffusion.

10. Get more use of natural earth's magnetic field by not using steel and concrete

11. Never construct a house very close to the power lines and pyramid structures of temples.