Mysteries & Their Affects
There are no mysteries in the Universe. One may feel mysterious activity because his knowledge and experience is limited. For instance the villagers in India bring a dowser to locate a water zones instead of a Geologist. He moves with coconut or a Twig and identify the location bearing underground water.

On what principle, a coconut, twig pendulum works the present science is not in a position to explain. The scientists avoid answering such questions even the results are obtained by this process are giving very good results. This we call mystery. Even the TV and cell phones were mysteries past generating.

As a scientist I can quote the following comment.

Miracles do not happen in contradiction to the but only to that which is known to nature... - St. Augustine

The universe is full of mysteries, and some of the observations made by Radionic people, astonishes the scientists.

The action of Twig, (Lecher antenna), the Coconut, Pendulum, the "L"- Rods application and their interpretation still unexplained by scientists.

They all work with the their own Bio-energy field or Aura energy. Most of the scientists are not analysers to analyzers this mysterious action. They cling to the knowledge what they bad read in the books. Geopathic stress and their affects are still mysterious to most of the doctors and scientists.

Example: Selecting the quality of seed is a minutes job with my Nine year old grand daughter or my driver using Universal scanner. Is it not mysterious?

Newton observed the apple falling, He made the reasoning latter. Similar is the case with these mysterious things to my knowledge, even though they give results. We have the answer,

A) The atom of twig, the coconut, pendulum cut, is based on two factors.
1. Aura energy field
2. The polarity for energy based is two poles similar path.
3. They are working with respect to our Aura Energy field.
4. The polarity.

The two forces are acting at one point with equal and opposite. We scientifically call this as action of COUPLE in Physics.

The Universal scanner is also perhaps working on similar principles. It instantly shows Negative energy articles and also zones of Geopathic stress points even from a distance. In addition the lines can be viewed and the markings can be made locating the coordinates, which are mostly aligned to East to West or North to South detections. Some other grids follow the direction of North-east, South-west and North-west and South-east. (Water channels). Their Energies can be quantified at Junction points. These energy quantification help us to make tailor made remedies to neutralize these harmful radiations.

The locations of these lines and their Position of the Nodal points are important, and their effects are depending on following factors:

1. In which directions these lines are crossing the house?

2. Who are spending more time on these radiation grids in relation to their individual or mutual frequency levels?

3. How many such crossings grids or such lines are present and in which direction they traverse in the house is important?

4. The nature of the such points give different affects on different persons. A holiest person seems to have less impact of them, however their interaction is bad.

5. If the quantification of the nodal points is around 6m' there the presence of cancer is a always observed otherwise a chronic problems like cancer, T.B, kidney heart, uterus can be expected. The disease reaches incurable stage when exposure is more than 3-6 months. The radiation damages in DNA1 structures.

6. By scanning the suffering people, the presence of Geopathic stress in their dwelling places can be predicted easily. By keeping the photograph of the house in the instrument one can quantify, the Energy of the house with pass port size photograph. If the house energy is less than 5m'of positive energy, one can predict the presence of geopathic stress or presence of related negative energies.

7. Some times Allergies, migraine headaches are related to occurrence these single lines passing through the House.

8. If these lines are passing through the bed room, the intensity of the problems that occurs in the house depend upon the strength or intensity of radiation level quantification, the problems would be graded.

9. Psychic activity will be predominant, due to presence of conscious bones, or presence of spirit frequencies. They tendency for committing suicide or unpredictable accidents are more rampant.

10. If such grid passing in such way dividing the bed the couple would face separation by some reason or they reach the level of Divorce, or of the couple may end in death.

11. The lines are passing through North west sector of the residence, according to their frequency level, adverting act on health and prosperity of children problems. It also affects their prosperity.

12. If such lines or nodal points are present in South east or kitchen zone the dweller would face problems of financial discomfort.

13. If these lines are passing through drawing room or garbham, there they face mutual relation problems among members of the house. They suffer with disharmony living.

14. If these lines are crossing at North east, beyond the premises of house that house is prosperous in every respect.