Structural Vastu
We see that every house/residence/factory bear a shape or geometry in their construction. This deals the structural geometry and its directional frequencies relation with intensity of energy.

Nature Follows Geometry & Forms
Two important points are to be with shapes or geometry interacts with distinguished energy in that direction.

1. If we observe any thing in the universe we always see some shapes. In nature fruits and leaves have different shapes. But did we ever question ourselves that how they are attributed? It is a miracle of nature. Even all the rocks and minerals also have shape and crystalline structures. Scientists call that as crystallography. So animate and inanimate objects do possess some type of structure (Shape). For any object we could see the outer structure, but inherently they are also related to internal atomic structure. In Human too there is a hidden structure, we call it D.N.A. Our ancients also represented it as 3.5 times coiled snakes and the same is being used as medical symbol. In inanimate object too, the atoms are connected within it representing their own shapes. Above all there is a force between them and they are inseparable by normal means with their inter atomic force or bondage. The secret is that outer SHAPE has a relation with the inner shape.

2. Different shapes of leaves produce different form of flowers and fruits. When we separate few petals of flower from bud form surgically then the result would be, the flower may blossom but it would never becomes a Fruit, with a perfect form (shape). It can be inferred that was an unbalance in energy caused disharmony in it can be inferred. Even the Yantras (Geometrical forms) used by Hindu and Islamic heritage, posses some balanced structures, which are used for healing. Let us conclude that the structure and shapes have some power and the yantras have has become healing power houses, which in turn have a relation with human structure. Now we learn about the shapes, which have some thing to do with the human biology. The normal Structures we learn in school the same what we see in nature. [Leaves, Animal shapes etc].

3. The other structures are related to the multiple combinations of the above forms. Obviously as per the above statements these have some strong energy fields which may Help or disrupt human energy due to interaction in them.

Mostly flowers are in the shape of circles and their leaves would be either rectangles connected with triangles or semi-circles. For sustaining life, they indicate the need of water energy and Sun's energy (heat). Nature plays this role of geometry to full fill its requirement. The combination of 9 triangles, 9 circles, one point at top and one Square at bottom makes the miraculous figure known as Sri yantra a geometrical figure works as power house emitting positive energy is a great miracle created by the Indian saints.

NOTE:- Some geometrical drawings with their combination makes different yantras. They were used by ancients to give positive energy to cure the diseases. Hence the building structures are also bearing geometry and they give positive energy.

VIBGYOR Colors in Vastu
In nature we see the following colors, namely Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red, which are important tools to study Vastu subject.

Our Planets, kundalini chakras, and even Kirlian PIP photograph shows these seven colors. These Seven rays are primeval formative forces of nature. Their presence and their combination indicate tangible information. In Karma purana chapter-43 it is mentioned as follows:

"These rays that compose his body are omnipresent and illumine the limitless worlds in the universe and among them seven are the best and highest because they form the matrices of seven planets". Even Bible also says the same thing that the seven colored rain bow is covenant between God and Earth.

It confirms that every tangible thing is made by these rays and their radiation. It is created by rays (Brahma) maintained by rays (Vishnu), ultimately destroyed by rays (Maheswara).

We call these three qualities as Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence. This is our ancient science.

The visible light is also a large spectrum of energy field that includes other familiar electromagnetic energy i.e. Micro waves, Radio waves, Ultra violet rays, infra red rays, and X-rays. The rain bow colors are related to visible light forming a part of spectrum of light with a wave length region. They are all a higher light waves having different frequencies and wave length ranging from 400nm to 700nm.

Sun rises in the East, and sunset takes place in the West. From morning to evening, these sunrays appear to have difference in their frequency range. Early in the morning at 4'Oclock there appears light and to be seen as Pearl color with highest frequency as sunrises, this turns into golden color and changes to orange with later because bright with light accompanied with heat. By noon these rays are very hot, changing the temperature level, (a mixture of Gasses and 70% moisture). During this period evaporation of water starts taking place and hence we feel discomfort.

Structures and its Relation to Vastu
We all knew that Earth is a huge magnet. And the Solar energy is playing a vital role on each corner, different structures, on Earth. We also see different plant's leaves have different structures and they produce different types of fruits or grains (cereals). They have different taste, color and frequencies. On observing the movement of the Sun flower, one can understand what energy makes the sun flower to rotate towards Sun's direction. Apart from it we have Earth's magnetic field which also plays a big drama. The dense magnetic lines are extended upto 64000 k.m. above the surface of the Earth. They generate from the North Pole and reach South pole with greater velocity as shown in the figure.

In fact, many of us do not know that our body (bones) is also magnetic in nature. Our blood containing hemoglobin (Iron) cuts these magnetic lines and produce sufficient electric power to our body similar to the principle of dynamo. This electrical power reaches hypothalamus (motor control center or MCB) and helps the brain to function with electrical signals to all the limbs of the body resembling the way how a computer does numerous things which cannot be visualized by us. (Cell phone waves were existing earlier to our knowing. Nokia Japan has identified these during 1980 and every one is using them now).
We have made some study on colors, related to planets, nava ratnas, nava dhanyas, nava moolicas (Herbs) and the human character with related with diseases. The related table is given in the previous page for understanding the provisions gifted by nature to us for better survival. So also houses, offices, places of worshipping bear different structures and they shall have different energy fields. Based on that structure, location, environment the fruits of prosperity also vary depending on individual frequency levels. Further the energy relations are based on longitude and latitude, also linear with gravity at that place, and also on environmental position. Sea shore, lake, mountains, Rivers, drains, meat processing units burial grounds etc. also play (natural energy) influences, on the building, constructed close to them.(Aura field)

Our ancients have paid much attention on directions with respect to their structures and over all energy levels. These unseen energies have been identified during recent years, as science leaped with further advancement. Our universal scanner has. Helped in making such studies possession of their directions. There are good and bad frequencies which are shown with number.