Vaastu Corrections
One has to learn many things from Nature and it is a good teacher. You will be astonished to know, that the instruments designed by us are replica's from Nature.

Ex:- All vegetables also can measure this Aura energy if properly used. We trust the nature and it provides remedies for any type of negative energy. The following instruments are used in identifying and spotting the negative energies.Our scanner can locate them even from 200 mts. distance while sensors spot the position very sensitively and indicate depth of existence.

Most of the instruments are developed by either by French people or by Germans. However in India we have developed the Universal Scanner for multiple uses.

a) UNIVERSAL SCANNER We have designed the Universal Scanner to identify these negative energy giving nodal points (G S) and their grids patterns etc.

The Universal Scanner is a electronic gadget working on the principle of Aura. It primarily consists of self rotating sensors supported by ball bearings. Scanner confirms the presence of negative energy related to geopathic stress even from a distance of 200 meters, (Lecher antenna cannot show this and is also not efficient enough to give direction, location and what to check). While sensors locate and confirms the spot with the principles ofmolecular resonance (MRI), structure and polarity.

The whole system is supported by an electronic gadget, powered by 9 volt battery. The whole equipment weighs less than two kilograms and it is very flexible. It can identify, quantify and locate any radiation.


A. To quantify Vedic Aura energy.

To measure the Aura of the required person a miniature sample is collected from the source, kept in a small Homeopathy plastic (Vials) bottle (sample can be anything, (blood, saliva, sweat, nail, hair, or photograph).

1. First switch on the instrument, the indicator lights are on.
2. Hold the sensors in both hands in horizontal position (practice four hours are needed to learn correct operation).
3. Now the sensors will turn, showing the direction of the object whose sample are placed in the sample box.
4. Proceed slowly in the direction till the arms of the instrument are opened in 180 degrees. The opening of arms indicates the presence of the parent sample at that place.
5. The sample can be blood stain, finger print, photograph, saliva, urine, root of the hair, sweat, etc. related to the object.

In case of Vaastu, moving in front of the house with infra-red color/water as sample, the scanner shows the presence of the negative energy articles or geopathic points human bones etc. Moving with sample of water in the instrument gives the presence of water radiation grids. Apart from that there are many uses of the instrument in various scientific fields like medicine, agriculture etc.


The lecher was developed by a group of German physicists in 1975, based on Dr. Lecher's principle. This is an actual tool which measures the energy that eminates from the body's organs, skeletal structure, as well as all the energy fields.

This device can identify human and environmental energy, using frequency modulation. In India our dowsers use twig or copper V-rod for identifying water zones.

It resembles a twig, but is graduated using modulation technique. It will not identify color frequencies or identify structural energies similar to Universal Scanner.


Now we have learned about the instrument to identify negative energy spots and grids. Identifying them with Universal scanner does not take much time. Tailoring the remedies neutralizing the negative energies is time taking and tedious and also expensive. However, the process is necessary in case of sick buildings. Adopting integrated approach is found to be best. There are FOUR types of corrections:-

  • Demolition of structures as per Vaastu.
  • Energizing the house, without demolition is always better, after removing movable negative energies.
  • Cuts extensions in directions can be corrected by using Crystals, Copper wire, coils, or copper tubes with lime and crystals, along the proposed corrections to correct electro earth magnetic waves.
  • Geopathic stress corrections (Water Radiations. Hartman grids, Curry lines, Ley luice. Black spots, Conscious bones Etc) needs corrections with different methods. What ever the case may be, the correction of such buildings and factories is a must for healthy harmonious Living.

Note:- Feng shui Reflectors are good for reflecting back the energies of structural defects. But they cannot be quantified and cannot be used for perfect neutralization process. Yantras in picture and drawn on metal plates (tabeeds) though work for some time, they turn to negative after neutralization. Then they should be removed.

Same case with some items, they need to be cleansed. With out any scientific back ground one should not use the energy giving items instead of gaining good but they are harmful just like taking medicines without consulting doctor. One cannot see these energies and their nature but one realizes it after experiencing the problems and losses.