Vastu and Science
Every person on the earth desires to live with Peace, Happiness Harmony and Prosperity but none of them get it. This is a fact. We need an answer for that!. Why is it happening so?

We shall explore it scientifically.

What is Vastu ?
Vastu is a science of Dwelling, in Sanskrit it is also related to Nature and environment.. Vastu, in modern concept is, a science of inhabitation related to balancing of energies, of matter.

The materials used for house construction are related to matter: which means Vastu

a) Lime stone (cement), bricks, wood, metal (aluminum or steel), sand, soil, slabs of rocks brought from different places having energy fields of their own, may possess positive or negative energies.

b) Buildings are nothing but Geometrical structures which we call it blue print or plan. They also posses energy, which also can be quantified with the help of Aura energy.

These energies play an important role on human life, related to health, wealth and prosperity. Then Vastu is complete understanding of these subjects prevailing with the said energies, related to direction, geography, topography, and its environment.

As per Indian history, in the scriptures of Yajurveda (6000 years old), Vastu has taken an important place in Indians life. The first literature was found to be available in our PURANAS, written by Vedavyasa. Viswakarma designed Indraprasta Nagar architected for Pandavas, dates back beyond 5000 years. Latter in Bhoja kingdom, one of the Navaratnas (titled as Gems) named Varahamihra has written Bruhatsamhita (100B.C) dealing with geometry of the places of dwelling and the Agama shastra dealing with the Temples- a place of worship. He also mentioned about water divining techniques, to search water from under ground aquifers. Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati (A.P) has done some research on Brihatsamhita.

Few other books available Vastu shastra are, Raja martanda, Manasara; Bruha deaiva, Yajna ranjana, Samarangana sutradara. They mentioned about Disha (Direction) and Dasha (Fate) which they had related them long ago..

The most important thing required for human health to make life comfortable, is mainly Sun rays (light energy coming from sun God and hence worship him as a ritual especially in the early hours of morning) fresh air, cooking, disposable place (Toilets) are considered to be more important part of a unavailing place. From the past, people started realizing the good and bad effects by experiences and hence has the emerged Vastu subject. This was earlier documented by most of lndian writers. Few opine that Vastu has been written on the basis of history of bad and good events occurred in those houses. Their Vastu has been recorded as example, but was studied with directional vibrations related to Sun's movement. This is found to be absolutely correct, when we compare with the varying energy frequencies of the of Sun with respect to all eight directions (Dishas). They had disclosed the facts related to Vastu energies in relation with the structure of the house and human energies (Dasha).

After 300 B.C., spreading of Buddhism was under taken by great king Ashoka and he sent his two children along with Buddhist monks to most of the Asian countries. Vastu was preferred by Chinese and their kings. They not only adopted Buddhism but also the culture of Vastu, and the kings encouraged them. The research conducted by Chinese has given birth to Fengsui which deals with interaction of energy levels of Air and water, (without measure of quantification). Many more works have been done by Europeans and more recently by Germans and French. However, it is not out of place to mention that Indian seers work seems to be the source of this knowledge in the initial days. After that, India has been subjected to invasions which have disturbed its peace and no further development has taken place. This can be confirmed by our ancient literature available, now as record.

When we have worked on analysis and synthesis on the great, Srichakra (This Yantra used in Astadasha-(18)Shakti peethas), which was designed by using squares, circles and triangles, found to possess tremendous energy as per the modern concept. Their arrangements along with their individual energy quantification of Geometry has revealed new information on energy levels and hence their possession can yield good results to human society. This will be discussed when we deal with structural aspects of the buildings and their energies. To understand this book of Vastu, one must understand Aura energy (Divya kanti valaya) and its ancient works now have a relation with modern science as Kirlian photography (PIP). When human Aura has been studied by above PIP method reveals the presence of all seven colors, has opened anew science and color therapy which has relation to Vastu colors.