What is Aura Energy ?
Aura is composed of an energetic field which comprises of visible light spectrum in the form of electro-magnetic waves, spanning from microwaves, infrared (IR) to Ultra Violet light (UV).

The low frequency microwave and infra red part of the spectrum (body heat) related to his conscious activity such as thinking, creativity, intentions, sense of humor and emotions. This energy field of the body cell is influenced by other negative radiation and those interacts with the Aura field results in physical and mental disturbance named as, Vasstu, Feng-shui and Bau-energy etc.

What is AURA ?
  • We see a LIGHT ENERGY behind the heads of all gods of all religions which is known as "HALOES".
  • This is known as Divya Kanti Valaya, which means a circular Divine Light.
  • It is mentioned in Atharva Veda Chapter 11.
  • The AURA EMITTING from animate bodies are known to us as bio energy and technology developed on this subject is known as biotechnology.
  • Aura is there for all living (animate) and non-living (inanimate) objects.
  • The same can be expressed by Einstein’s formula where E=MC2 where M stands for matter(animate or inanimate, E stands for Total Energy and C stands for Velocity of Light)
  • Living : Humans, plants, birds, animals, fish etc., all have a body with Bio-energy and also possess Geometry which is a important factor in the Universe.
  • Non-living : stones, metals, water, wood, liquids…. also have an aura energy apart from 5 vital energies like Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space and they all possess consciousness.

Aura energy fields can be positive or negative but they nothing but the Rays & Radiations of the spectra.

Rays are said to be constructive energy and radiations are said to be destructive energy.

Negative Aura energy can be observed in :

* Polluted personalities.
* Bad health or diseased persons.
* Bad thoughts. (Pride, jealousy, ego,etc,…)
* Articles possessing history (old or antique articles, skins, conscious bones, spirit energies, etc,..

Presence of Negative Aura field, indicates disharmony in the person’s health, wealth, relationships & bad luck (including accidents)

There ought to be an interaction between the aura of the persons with the environment. Environment possess negative and positive objects which will bring a change in existing human aura.